Smarter, Safer Medication Management. Automated Dispensing Cabinets can help!

The Cowichan District Hospital Foundation is committed to supporting the best possible healthcare, right here in Cowichan, with world class equipment.

This year, we are kindly asking you to consider helping us purchase new Automated Dispensing Cabinets (ADCs) for medications. The Foundation has committed to raising $320,000 for two ADCs at the Cowichan District Hospital. Currently, there are 1,591 ADCs in use in British Columbia Health Authorities, and they are quickly enabling a new standard of care within our hospitals. Let’s make Cowichan District Hospital the next location.

Automated Dispensing Cabinets are specialty locked cabinets that safely and efficiently store, track, and dispense medications to Nurses, based on verified Physician medication orders.

ADCs can:

  • help reduce medication errors
  • improve inventory management and tracking
  • increase efficiency to give Nurses more time for care
  • integrate with Electronic Health Records and Pharmacy packaging equipment

Laura Harrison, LPN, BDM
Medication Safety Consultant, Island Health


With our new hospital on the horizon, we are committed to maintaining and improving healthcare at our current facility until the new hospital is complete. ADCs will help train and orient staff at Cowichan District Hospital on new technology and clinical workflows, while in a familiar setting, in preparation for Cowichan’s new hospital, where this crucial equipment will be transferred when it is complete.

Help us invest in a future with better healthcare for everyone in the Cowichan Valley. Donate today.

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