Invest in the future of healthcare in the Cowichan Valley.

With your help, we can bring a new hospital to the Cowichan Valley. Building a new hospital means our hospital will be ready for your family when you need it most.

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With your help, we can bring a new hospital to the Cowichan Valley!

The current Hospital facility opened in 1967. Since then, our community has grown significantly – making it dramatically different than it was over 50 years ago. With increased population, demand for healthcare services has also escalated. It is now imperative that the hospital be replaced to properly accommodate, current and future healthcare needs. In 2015 the CVRHD identified, purchased and rezoned the site for the new hospital. Illustrating our community’s commitment to a new hospital, the Foundation allocated 100% of the 2015 annual appeal campaign funds to its new hospital fund in addition to contributing 20% of our annual funds each year.


2016-2017 Annual Appeal Campaign. Your donation will help purchase new surgical tables.

With these new general surgical tables, we can add orthopedic, gynecology and urology attachments so that the tables become custom procedure tables.

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